Welcome to the Mealime Community!

Welcome to the Mealime Community!

The purpose of this community is to support each other as we collectively try to eat healthier, cook more often at home, stress less about food, and live better lives. We built Mealime to help you achieve your goals, but we’re all here to support you whether you actively use Mealime or not.

We encourage everyone to help each other out, post tips and tricks, share requests on how to improve Mealime and to share how you use Mealime in your day to day life.

Please read over the Community Guidelines so we can keep this community civil, fun, and useful! If you have a question about a feature (or lack thereof) in the apps, please first take a quick look at our Support Center to see if your question has already been answered before posting a topic here.

Important quick links:

And most important of all…Mealime is pronounced “MEAL-I’m”. Or “ME-LIME”. It is a play on “Mealtime” that is, admittedly, a bit odd. :wink:

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