Your last meal. What would you choose to eat?


Oh man, this is a tough one. Let’s see…

Steak :meat_on_bone: with mashed potatoes & caramelized onions, perhaps with roasted tomatoes :tomato: and wine :wine_glass: or a beer :beer:. Anything chocolate :chocolate_bar: for dessert.

I made this recently - it was so good!


I would definitely be happy with the meal Jeff described!

A couple other options I’d be psyched about:

Amazing pizza :pizza: + wine :wine_glass:

Tacos from La Taqueria in Vancouver + guacamole, salsa, and chips :tomato: + beer :beer:


Salmon patties with mashed potatoes and biscuits!


Definitely a three course meal of 4-cheese pizza as an appetizer (because why not ;)) ,a big ol’ bowl of pasta carbonara, and tiramisu + ice cream for dessert. Beverage of choice is just ice water because #health :joy:


:pizza: + :spaghetti: + :cake: + :icecream: = :heart:

Nice choices AJ…that sounds like an epic last meal!


Whenever I’m asked what I would eat if I could only eat one thing for the rest of my life, I say pizza. It’s so versatile! I especially love the image you posted as I always want variety when we go out to eat (i.e. order a few options and share).

As for my last meal, I’d have to say some kind of macaroni and cheese would definitely need to be there!


Mmmm…mac and cheese is a good one! Now I’m craving it… :sweat_smile:


Fried Chicken and White Castle Hamburgers