What would make Mealime better for you? 🚀


Whole 30 would be fantastic!


Hi. I just started here. I love how easy it is to find recipes to cook, but I would like to have breakfast options too. Also it would be nice to add the recipe nutrition to a log book to track if I’m getting enough protein, carbs, fiber, etc in my diet. Recommendations for what to look for in a diet plan would also be helpful in tracking nutrition. As someone who doesn’t know a lot about eating healthy, I could use all the help I can get when it comes to tracking my nutrition.


I’ve been using Mealime for a year or so and I really love it. One small detail that would make my life a little easier would be to have the ability to change the number of servings per meal to account for guests on certain nights. For example it might just be my wife and I for the whole week except on Sunday when my parents join us and now we need a total of four servings for that one meal. It is not a huge problem to double one recipe in my head during the cook, but I have made mistakes in purchasing at store while trying to remember which ingredients to double. My problem might be very situational, but it is a feature that would help me. It also might be a good way to help your users introduce your recipes to more people as a side benefit.


Here is what would improve Mealime for me: 1) for the screen to tilt when I turn my device sideways…I’m usually using this on an ipad or iPhone and both their stands that make them hands free keep them on their sides, so then I have to look at recipes sideways. 2) To be able to coordinate weekly meal plans/menus by ingredients. So, for instance perhaps a local produce item is cheap one week, or I have a particular protein…it would be cool to be able to coordinate a couple meals that use the same ingredients differently. 3) To be able to indicate more than one dietary restriction… i.e. paleo and low carb, etc. 4) to have a search function when recipe selecting. 5) in addition to having a favorites category, it would be enjoyable to have a recipe storage section where a recipe could quickly be pulled up…if your current menu plan for the week is set for instance, and you have something come up and need just one different additional meal for some reason. These are real life things! :slight_smile:


I would like a way to adjust the recipes for a specific number of servings. We are a family of 5, so making 4 servings is often not enough, but doubling it makes too much (but not enough for another meal). I can individually adjust the recipes, but I love this app because I just have to decide what I want to eat & it gives me my shopping list without thinking!


I read that I can let the app plan my menu for me to decrease food waste, but there’s a lot of recipes my kids won’t eat. I’d love to be able to scroll through all the recipes & just add them to a list that can be used to automate such a menu.


I’d love to start my next meal plan without wiping out the couple of meals left that I have not marked complete yet. This would just help if my shopping day isn’t flexible. (I’ve been texting the left over recipes to myself)

I’d also like to share my account with my husband, rather than have 2 different accounts. Ive been texting him the recipe link as well.


Yes! These would be great additions!
Also, I’d like to be able to delete a recipe once my menu is set up (especially as I realize I picked too many meals), because if it’s still there then it affects my shopping list.


Can you please add more soups containing protein that can be made with an immersion blender? These soups are the closest I can come to lunch at work since I can drink them from a thermos bottle during meetings or while I teach and won’t have to worrry about getting something stuck in my teeth. My workaround at the moment couldbr to make any dish from the ML app and mix a portion of it with some broth in the blender.

One more request: some recipes require two sticks of celery but the smallest amount I can buy is a whole bunch. Can you add more recipes containing celery so I can use it all?


I think it would be cool to have integration with instacart or something that could get your groceries delivered… just for those busy weeks. Vegan options would also be nice.


I have favorite low point recipes. Is there anyway I can add my recipes to my account? This is awesome. It would be even better if I could add recipes and so this could be my one stop planner. Love it!!!


I would love it if I could sort recipes for my next meal plan by food I already have. For example, I could type “chicken, cilantro, soy sauce” and all the recipes that use those ingredients would show up.


Hi Jeff! I love this app, I’ve been using it for about two months now and it’s made my life so much easier! I’m saving money, not eating out as much - and I feel healthier as a result. AND! I found out I actually don’t mind cooking when I’m not constantly wondering what I should make for dinner, and when I know what I’m going to eat is gonna be healthy and yummy!
The only thing I would like to see is the app updated every now and then with new recipes. Maybe you guys do that already, but I haven’t noticed anything new while I’ve been using the app anyway. The way that I have my settings (no dairy, no gluten) is kind of limiting, so I have fewer recipes to choose from. Otherwise, I think this app is great the way it is and I would worry about overcomplicating things with too many changes.
I gather from another post on here that you’re from Vancouver? Which made me even more of a fan of the app! Lol (I’m from Port Moody).


My husband’s just logs into my mealime account from his phone if he’s making dinner, it works pretty well! But a little tougher to do if you add kids into it too :blush:


It would be cool if it had a little flag for which were new recipes


I’d like to add a recipe from my favorites to my weekly meal plan to help w the grocery list function.

More vegetarian recipes (there’s a lot of egg/frittata dishes).

That’s about it! I freaking love this app. I tell EVERYONE. :slight_smile: the name is tough to remember for people, though. :confused: keep up the good work!!


A lactose free option. I can’t consume dairy.


A “what can I make with” feature. I occasionally get produce delivered or buy food that is on sale and I would like the ability to specify what I have and meallime would find meals I can make with those ingredients with minimal extra ingredients needed to buy.


As a newbie to Mealime, there are 3 additions I’d love to see: 1) a filter option to show make-ahead recipes - ones that reheat well. I often have to cook earlier on in the day and would like to see appropriate recipes that just need finishing off before serving. 2) Filter options for the time the meal takes to prepare so I can choose super-quick recipes when needed. 3) To be able to vary the number of servings for each meal within a week - so I can make double on some days in order to save cooking time on others! Thank you for a great app.


Yes, totally agree with you on this one Bubba!