What would make Mealime better for you? 🚀


Any plans to integrate with grocery home delivery services, or at least be able to export the grocery list to Excel so I can import to an existing local service? Not a huge deal, just another way for me to automate my life and avoid shopping! (I love to grocery shop from my bed in the morning while drinking coffee and petting a cat. Then a nice man brings it to me and sets it on my counter for me. For $5-$10!!! Life is wonderful!!)


Write portion sizes at the end of recipes.


I usually determine my portions by comparing my recommended daily calorie allowance to the 2,000 calorie average. The math is pretty simple; here it is:

Your calorie allowance divided by 2,000 then multiplied by the number of servings given by the recipe = the number of portions for you

Your calories/2,000*recipe servings = your serving size.

You really only need to do that math once, or every time your calorie intake goals change.


Hi, my name is Christine, I live in North Vancouver, and my husband and I just love this app! It’s almost impossible to make it better, but if you do consider for future updates:

Someone mentioned auto – timers which would be super in my iPhone. And I love the idea of fresh herbs, but going out to buy cilantro and then finding out I’ll use about two pinches of it and end up throwing all the rest away, makes me wonder if it would be better to say “optional for garnish” or provide an option of either fresh or dried measurements.

Not much else I’d add. This app rocks!


What about recipe variations to make one idea suitable for all types of diets? It might not always be possible, but in many cases a meal with meat might easily be turned into a vegetarian/pescetarian one by replacing meat with tofu, eggs, fish or seafood… Such an approach would quickly increase the options for everybody without you having to add too many new recipes.


I’ve been manually importing recipes into MyFitnessPal and that works for me. After a recipe is added, you can create a new food using the nutrition info MFP gives for the recipe, so I’ve just stared doing that too. Looks like several people have been doing this, so if you search the database for Mealime, you’ll see all the “foods” users have created.


Hi Jeff!

I love Mealime! Thank you for such a great app! One thing that would make the app better for me would be a way to share the app with a family member.

What I mean by that is my fiancée and I both help with the meal prep process and grocery buying. It would be super convenient if we could share and up date(in real time) the grocery list with one another. Or if I am running late but the recipe is on my app he could just pull it up on his app.

The only other thing we would like to see on the app would be the what the nutritional information is for each part of the meal and what they are defining as a serving size. For example: in the salads separate the dressing out. We tend to go very light on dressing or not use it at all, so we don’t know how that effects the nutritional information.

Even without these features we love the Mealime app and see value in the subscription. Keep up the good work!


Hey! :slight_smile: Though we don’t have a full featured share option, we encourage couples / families to share their Mealime log-in’s with each other. In your case, perhaps you could share your account with your fiancée so you both log-in to the same account. This way things will always be up to date for both of you.

Thanks for your nutritional suggestion and your support as a Pro member! We’ll keep working to make Mealime better!


I use Mealime to help plan my family’s dinners and we LOVE the recipes! I have to save all recipes as favorites though (so I can refer back easily to the recipes I picked in previous meal plans) so that I can create 1-2 week shopping lists at a time (by creating separate meal plans). Since you can only see one “previous” plan, this makes it difficult for me to plan ahead of time. Not a huge deal, but it would be nice to maybe have the option to ARCHIVE all previous meal plans and corresponding shopping lists. Either way, LOVE THE APP AND LOVE THE RECIPES MORE! Lemon pepper steak tonight!


Hi I’m new to Mealime but I’ve started using it conjunction with GroceryKing to great effect. I would really love for the recipes to be easily exported so I can manage my inventory and plans from there.
I know they’ve got an option to save recipes from web pages but so far it won’t work with Mealime’s formatting. I’ve been copying and pasting steps and ingredients into custom recipes made on the app but it’s very time consuming :sweat_smile:.
I’d really like to see a quick way to export recipes but even clippable recipes would be great! Thanks for the amazing support!


I would love if the premium app was more social. For example, if I could send/recommend a recipe to a friend who is on the app as well, that would be awesome.


The ability to choose a Kosher meal plan would help me a lot, and save time. Other than that I love the app and all the meals we have made so far.


I have a few ideas on how to improve the app.

  1. I would like more meal options such as breakfasts and snacks.
  2. Meal prep would be awesome! What can we do the weekend before…chop the veggies, marinate the meat, etc
  3. The meal types are not diverse enough. I am not vegetarian, gluten gree, low carb, etc. but I am also not a no holds person either. I just follow a healthy, light, low calorie diet plan. Something that is 500 calories or less.
  4. The ability to copy to a food journal app such as MFP would be awesome! Although, I have found a way around this. If you share the recipe, you can text yourself the link. Then in MFP you can go to create a recipe and choose the import option. You then paste the link that you sent yourself and hit import. You have to format the ingredients so they import correctly but it does allow you to quickly log a meal. Thank you for such a great app!


Looks good so far…

More choices in the “preferences” section to account for allergies - I have a tomato allergy and was happy to find “tomatoes- raw” in the preferences, but I’m sure that will still find recipes that have ingredients with cooked tomatoes. On the other hand, I’m likely missing out on salads that would would do just fine without tomatoes.

Like someone upthread mentioned, there are some things that can be easily substituted - and some that can’t.

Perhaps an extra field on each ingredient (doesn’t necessarily have to be visible to users) where each ingredient of a recipe is rated “essential” to the character of the meal, “nice to have”, or “garnish” (like a cilantro/parsley comment above) - and there can be a catch-all bin of the nice-to-have/garnish recipes in a separate category for a “Here’s some recipes you might be interested in but would have to modify given your stated preferences”

(Yes, I realize that would take a lot of manpower to go through all the recipes and tag all the ingredients… blue sky request…)


It would be really nice if you could create a pantry that the recipes could be chosen from.

And it would be if I could eliminate recipes with certain ingredients that way I’m not buying speciality ingredients for just 1 recipe.


Dessert options and more variety. I feel like it’s a lot of the same recipes over and over.


It would be great if Mealime could connect with either grocery deliver services or pickup services from local grocery stores. I love mealime, and use it every week and then go online to order the groceries from my local HEB. It would be a huge time savings if mealime could facilitate this process.


I just want to add a +1 for seasonality: I know that the programming logic behind the feature would be quite a task to implement, given the dependence on the user’s local geography and climate. However, even aside from the benefits of low costs and fresher food, I just love the ability to “taste” the seasons as they pass–it is one of the reasons that I keep cooking, even as a sleep-deprived and over-worked undergraduate student at a university.

Aside from that, Mealime is an incredible application, and I can’t stop singing your praises to my roommates and community. Thank you for all you do. (And if you’re ever looking for some fresh personalities to hire in the Mealime office, I would love to hear about it!)


I would love breakfast and snack ideas. So happy I found this app and use it weekly. I plan my week ahead and would love to have breakfast and snack ideas to add to my meal planning.


I think this app is wonderful! For someone like me who is allergic to gluten, having an app that can come up with all kinds of different recipes I can try is amazing! I just have a suggestion though. Can you include an option in your next update where you can tell the app what kind of appliances you do or do not have? I don’t have a working oven, but it seems almost everything I choose requires one. It would be nice to be provided a list that is even more personalized to my situation. Thank you!