What would make Mealime better for you? 🚀


Would also love to add a meal mid week. Sometimes I work from from home unexpectedly and it would be awesome to add a quick recipe for lunch without having to burn one of my dinners.


Is there a way to filter based on nutrition values? For instance placing a maximum calorie/sugar/sodium limit or range for meals?

Also would be cool if you guys joined forces with My FitnessPal so our meals could be synced and uploaded to that app.


I just finished my first meal plan and am loving the app. One thing I think would be a great addition is the option to change a single meal from 2-4 servings, and have my shopping list automatically update, or create me a new shopping list for the items I will need.


Thanks for your feedback @Slaters! Please open the app and head over to Settings, then Eating Preferences. Once there, select ‘Advanced’ under the header ‘Meal Planner’. The next time you build a new meal plan you’ll notice a search icon in the upper right hand corner of the builder. Tap that and you’ll be able to do some very cool searches. Let us know how it goes!

Good to know. Thank you :slight_smile:


There is a way to filter based on calories (though not yet any other nutritional values). Here’s a nice guide that shows how to do this: https://medium.com/mealime/calorie-filters-are-now-available-for-pro-subscribers-b386898ff4cc

Totally agree. Will keep trying, they keep ignoring our requests :cry:


Thanks for your feedback! May I ask why you want this feature? For example, do you find that your plans change during the week and you need more (or less) food?


Biggest thing would be for unexpected family/friends stopping by for dinner. Or I want to host a dinner party with another couple, but only one night a week.


That makes sense. Thank you!


I would like a heart healthy or low cholesterol option. Thanks


I would first like to say how much i love this app! I’ve looked at WAY TOO MANY trying to find one easy enough to use that also is visually appetizing! :wink: It’s going to make our meal planning far easier so thank you for your hard work.

I have one suggestion that would be a life-saver! I just started using it, so if this feature already exists please let me know!!! My husband and I alternate the same two recipes all week because we work opposite shifts. What he makes for lunch and what I make for dinner is reversed the following day so the kids don’t eat the same thing all day! We only make 2 servings at a time because my husband can’t stomach leftovers. :wink: I’m wondering if there could be a way to specify how many servings are needed for each meal so the recipe is accurate, but then adjust the grocery list for how many servings are needed to last the whole week. It’s a lot like someone who’s meal-prepping, only we make it fresh each time instead of batching a large recipe together. Again, please school me if this is already a feature!

Thanks so much!!


I think being able to manually define allergies would be useful. I’m allergic to all cow dairy, but can substitute goat milk or cheese for some recipes, which is something I can’t adapt using this app. I also have the issue of not being able to define all my allergies, as I’m also allergic to rice, oats, and rosemary. While I am very interested in using this app, it would be difficult if I can’t easily avoid my allergens. I do love that it addresses so many options for food preferences and remembers allergies exist unlike many, but I am a bit stuck with my odd allergies.


Yes yes yes! A “prep in advance” function would be super useful. Maybe if there was away to cross of actions that were already taken would help that and would allow me to, for instance, skip the squeezing the lemon step if I’m using bottled lemon juice.


I would like to be able to add items to the shopping list after I’ve already crossed off everything. I know how you add items when the list is pre-populated, but it seems I can’t add anything once it is all crossed off.


It would be helpful if there could be two meal plans at a time. For instance, if I need to go grocery shopping on Thursday morning for Week 2 but I still want to see my recipes for Week 1 to cook dinner for Thursday and Friday nights, I can’t. My work around has been emailing myself the recipes and starting a new meal plan.


I’d like to be able to remove a meal if I decide not to make it. For instance, if I end up making restaurant dinner plans I want to be able to remove the meal and the items from my shopping list.


I love this app! Here are three things that would make me love it even more:

  1. More dessert and breakfast recipes. The recipes on here are healthy and delicious, but mainly limited to lunch/dinner. There are so egg plates such as frittatas, but I would appreciate a wider variety of breakfast options. Also there are currently no snack or dessert recipes. Adding these would allow me to use mealime for all of my food planning! Currently I have two separate grocery lists, one for mealime and one for my other food needs. This would help consolidate that into one list, and I would like to see what delicious, healthy desserts the app makers have!

  2. The ability to edit your current meal plan rather than having to start over from scratch. Sometimes I want to swap out one dish for another or add a new plate all together.

  3. Ability to click into a recipe that is in the temporary storage area while building a meal plan (aka stored on bottom of screen). I like to try to choose recipes that use similar ingredients each week to minimize my grocery shopping, but once I start building a meal plan I must scroll back to the recipe in order to open it and see the ingredients list. These recipes are stored at the bottom of the screen while building the plan and it would be convenient to be able to directly click into the recipe from there.

Thanks for a great app!


I second the idea to make meals based on current ingredients at home.

I also have a pressure cooker and a slow cooker and a Dutch oven and would love to be able to put them to use!


Advanced prep is something I’m interested in. Chopping and dicing meats, fruits, and veggies as soon as I get home from the grocery store on Saturday reduces the actual time I spend cooking during the following week.
If this advanced prep was noted in the ingredients list (and subsequently transferred to the shopping list), I might be able to save even more time by buying pre-chopped foods. For example, I have a jar of minced garlic in my fridge that I use instead of buying a head of garlic. And this week, as I was slicing Cremini mushrooms “from cap to stem,” I realized I could have bought sliced mushrooms instead of whole.


There are a lot of suggestions here, hopefully not repetative. But it would be nice to have meals not just for dinner and lunch. Meal prepping is always an option for me but i am terrible at coming up with recipes on my own so adding breakfast options would be amazing. Also adding enough to make for more than just 4 people. I know i can always double the recipe but that doesnt always turn out the same, so being able to cook for 6 or 8 people would be a nice option.


+1 on seeing current recipes and creating a new meal plan. Since I use Amazon Fresh to order the groceries, I need to start thinking about next week’s meal plan in the middle of current week.

A side note–I tried printing out one of the recipes from my laptop (not the iPhone app), and the print out came to 21 pages! I did not end up printing it of course, but after I cleaned it up, it came to 2 pages though I think it could fit on one page. I am referring to the Pan-Seared Pork recipe with turnips and gala apples.