What would make Mealime better for you? 🚀


It would be nice if we could sync or connect with the myfitnesspal app or import nutrition info some way to them.


I already wrote an email, but if it’s on this forum, maybe it would be implemented faster.

I go through the meal selections and pick 10 or more meals that look interesting. When I get ready to go shopping, I may want only 5 of those 10 meals chosen.

Either I have to make a brand new meal plan with those 5 I wanted so that my shopping ingredients list only contain those 5 meals or I have to open only those 5 meals and do my shopping list idividualy on each meal toggling back and forth opening up each meal to see if I have all the ingredients.

Would be nice to delete the ones from my original create meal plan so I don’t have to reselect only the 5 I want for a consaladted shopping list.


Integrating the shopping list with Instacart would be awesome.


When I add my own item to the list for example. A2 milk. It would be handy if I could then select where it went… I.e. Dairy, that way when I’m in the dairy section getting the items that, have Auto uploaded I don’t have to keep scrolling to the top to see if I missed anything I personally added.


I would love to be able to build meal plans that fit into my calorie and macro limits for the day. I also can’t seem to see the nutritional information until after the meal plan is created, and then if it doesn’t work for me I can’t just delete it out of my plan. I just paid for the pro to test it out for a month, but if I were to continue paying I would definitely need it to be a bit easier to work the meals into my macro plan. I would also like to be able to create a calendar within the app so I can note what I am making on which day. Thanks!


I agree! We’re currently adding new recipes to the app at a rate of one per day, and we hope to accelerate this in the near future. Not all of the new recipes will fit all eating preferences, but I’m sure you’ll see some new recipes soon :slight_smile:

Nope! I’ve noted down your request, though, so we may tackle this in the future.

This is coming very soon - likely in our next app release.

Definitely - I have been trying to connect with MFP to discuss an integration, but haven’t had any luck yet. In the meantime, MFP’s quick add feature may work for you.

Hi Marty - thanks again for letting us know about your request. We have other features in the pipeline, but may investigate an “edit” feature in the future. In the meantime, most of our users decide the meals they want to cook in the meal plan builder, instead of building a plan with many meals then wanting to edit it after the fact. I know it may take a bit longer, but I’d suggest that you try building the plan you want while you’re in the builder. Eventually we’ll have an edit feature for you!

You are SO right. I’ve been trying to contact them re: an integration but so far I’ve heard nothing back. Will keep trying.

If you’re using our iPhone or Android app, open up the grocery list and tap your item on the right hand side - it will open an extra ingredient detail screen. On this screen, you can tap ‘Edit’ (in the upper right hand corner) and select which aisle you want it in :slight_smile: We have a feature coming out soon that will make this more obvious.

Building meal plans that fit into calorie / macro targets is something I’ve been interested in for quite some time. I don’t know when it will be available, but I will push to make this happen.

Re: viewing nutritional information in the meal plan builder - if you’re using the ‘Advanced’ builder in the mobile apps (you can check in Settings » Eating Preferences) we’ll have nutritional info available in recipe preview mode of this builder in (hopefully) our next app release.


I’m not sure if anyone suggested this already but, i have five kids and a husband and we often invite couple friends with four or more children to dinner, so having more serving options would make it easier for me, and others who don’t feel like doing a lot of math, to prepare larger meals for big groups.
I also like the crock pot or slow cooker idea from another poster.
Thanks for the meal planning app, guys!

  1. I would like to be able to select vegetarian AND low carb. Now I can only select one.

  2. I would like this app to either sync with weight watchers or have the points values already worked out.

  3. I would like to be able to create single serving portions. I am a single person living alone. I over eat when making two portions.

  4. I would like to be able to put a maximum calorie or point value in for the meal plan and set all my meals for a day or week within that caloric limit.

  5. I want garlic to be added to the list where I select what I don’t like.

  6. I haven’t seen desserts.

I Love the taste of the meals, the pictures, the ease of using the grocery list. I am hooked!


I know it’s been mentioned a bit but definitely a calorie limit setting! I would think this doesn’t need to be a whole different plan, but more done the same way you ask for disliked ingredients. An area to mark “do not show meals over ____ calories per serving”. I’m on pescoterian plan and just started browsing meals and most seem to be 500+ calories, some even 700+! I know everyone has different meal preferences so by allowing us to set a limit, rather than create a separate plan, I think it would work better. I’d prefer around 300-400 calories but I need 3 meals and 3 snacks a day to feel happy on a 1350-1500 calorie plan. I’m using Mealime to take some of the extra work out of adjusting to a healthier lifestyle - so the problem I’m looking to solve is how hard it is to worry about changing diet ingredients, while also changing entire meals.

:iphone: New Features! Offline grocery list, new recipes & more

I would love to be able to add our own custom recipes. I think it would be an amazing feature! :slight_smile:

Any plans to add this in the near future?


I’d love more recipes, I cook for a family of seven, 7 days a week, and we’re running out of new recipes. I get bored making the same thing more than once.
Also I’d love if side suggestions or recipes could be added to each main dish recipe. I usually add some sort of vegetable, but I’d like pre-planned side recipes on the shopping list.
We eat from Mealime every night and everyone in my family loves it, thank you!


As someone trying to gain weight and muscle mass, high calorie/high protein meals would be very appreciated. Maybe the option to choose an approximate calorie amount per serving to sort out low calorie meals.

Great app otherwise.

  • Not all Allergies/Restrictions are available to all Menu Types. For example selecting Vegetarian you lose the option to choose Dairy-Free or Tree Nut-Free. As Paleo you lose the option to choose Peanut-Free. You also cannot even filter these ingredients out manually, e.g. Vegetarian with a dislike for yogurt.
  • A full Vegan/Plantbased option would be great too (no meat, fish, dairy, eggs, honey)
  • It would be great if recipes had certain ingredients marked as optional. For example a lot of the salads with feta or goat cheese don’t appear if you choose Dairy-Free, but really it’s just a garnish so it’s a shame to miss out on that recipe just because of the cheese that isn’t integral to the meal
  • I’d love to be able to swap ingredients out in the grocery list, e.g. I don’t like tofu so I often use aubergine instead.
  • I’d love to be able to filter out Salads or cold meals. I mostly use this app for dinner and I don’t eat salad for dinner. I like having hot meals as leftovers as well, which I take in to work and reheat. Oftentimes if you select Vegetarian and dairy free meals a lot of it is salad.
  • I’d also like to see desserts and snacks. For example peanut butter snack bars or quick cookies or rice pudding etc.
  • I would absolutely LOVE to know if recipes freeze well. For some things like chilli it’s quite obvious they will but for things like frittata, probably not? This would help me a lot when planning ahead as I sometimes choose recipes that I know I can have one leftover portion (I’m just cooking for one) and the rest as freezer meals.


I would like to be able to add additional servings. More than just 4. We have a family of 7. Thanks!


I think it would be cool to have timers included in cooking mode. Like if the step says to simmer something for 15 minutes, have a button right there to hit when you start, then a popup shows up 15 minutes later regardless of where you are in the recipe to tell you to turn it off. Multiple timers could be running at once as long as they were labelled well. I usually use my phone as a timer when I’m cooking but it doesn’t work if I have mealime open to read recipes.


I’ve only made 2 meals so far and use the free version, but I have to admit this app is amazing!

Something I noticed that would be helpful is a way to check off the instruction steps. A feature like the way we can check items off the grocery list would be perfect. Sometimes I prep the night before by chopping vegetables or making a side, and it would be great to come back to it later and only show the steps remaining.


I would like to see more vegetarian meals. I enjoy a lot of these meals but I’d like to see Mealime expand on adding more meals for my eating preferences. Some examples could be eggplant parm, vegetable pot pie, vegetable fried rice, more pasta meals, more Asian meals and (not chunky) soups.


Bf and I used the free version for our first meal plan and enjoyed it so much we just subscribed for the year. The one thing that would genuinely make this app perfect for us would be the ability to export nutrition info to some tracker apps (FitBit, MyFitnessPal, etc.). Aside from quick and easy delicious recipes with whole ingredients, my favorite thing about Mealime is the time I save every week planning meals and making a grocery list. Not having to manually input nutrition info would make time savings even greater! Keep up the good work!


It would be great to have a low sodium diet option. I consistently cook for my mother (who is in heart failure) and she has to watch her sodium intake. Right now I have to go thru each recipe for the week and confirm sodium amounts.


Hi Jeff!,

Mealime is honestly a super great app! It helps me not have to constantly rake my brain for what I’m going to have for lunch or dinner and has a variety of options. I am super grateful for such a convenience! However, I have noticed that after meal prepping, I am left with an abundance of condiments, unused ingredients, etc, that I am more than likely never going to use again. With that said, I am totally into the idea of having a home delivery option for pre portioned meals, and I was wondering if you guys could combine the two.

It would be great to have the option to choose meals and have them delivered for that week! Ideally, all of the ingredients would be measured and users can prep the food and pop everything in the oven, crock pot, or stove top. This would surely cut down on grocery shopping, time and garner more storage space.


De’ Lauren