What would make Mealime better for you? 🚀


It would be a nice pro feature if you could port nutritional info to fit bit or my fitness pal or another tracker! Loving mealime so far! Id also love breakfast and lunch options so I could do a week at a time meal planning :blush:


Are you planning to ever implement “target” calorie option? Perhaps make a meal builder for breakfast, lunch and dinner with parameters that we can set for calories etc?


Thanks for the suggestion! You’re right, this process should definitely be more streamlined! We intend to improve this soon.


@Kipkristi Thanks for the idea! Integrating with My Fitness Pal and other health trackers is definitely high up on our list of priorities, too. We’re looking in to breakfast / lunch options too. Hopefully we’ll have some exciting updates for you by spring time!


@Mataushas I definitely agree that Mealime can, and should, do more to help us optimize our diet. We’re trying to figure out the best way to do this. “Target calories” is a bit of a hotly debated topic right now. There are diets that encourage you to watch your calories, and ones that argue that it is more important where your calories come from, than how much you consume. Personally, I’m worried that adding a “target calories” option would encourage us to focus too much on calorie counting, at the expense of eating healthy, well-balanced food. We are thinking about implementing more powerful diet tracking options, like “target macros” (calories of carbs, protein, and fats), and others. But, as I mentioned, we are still discussing what the best option is. Hopefully we can come up with something that works great for you and everyone else! Happy to hear more suggestions!


I would love an extra column on the grocery list that would allow me to enter an estimated budget and/or store for each ingredient item.


There are always two schools of thought in everything, but I think overall, caloric intake is a “master” of all things to lose weight. Since you guys are the creators of the app, you are in control to put up recipes that are still healthy, if you weren’t the content creator and just a mere aggregation of recipes, then yes, 1 random meal of let’s say pizza and a milkshake will probably be close to 2000 calories haha. Anyway it’s just a suggestion and to make your app more powerful and better justify the subscription, a calorie target option for breakfast, lunch and dinner would be ideal for me.

https://examine.com/nutrition/what-should-i-eat-for-weight-loss/ - summary article of calories mattering more than specific foods. with multiple sources.
http://www.ncl.ac.uk/press/news/2015/10/type2diabetes/ - diabetes can be reversed with low cal diet alone.


Thanks again for your thoughts. You’re right that we have more control over each recipe being individually well balanced. We’ll definitely take a look at those articles and take this into further consideration. Cheers!


There are a lot of things I like about the Mealime app; being able to set preferences on specific ingredients (especially since I’m allergic to kiwifruit and there’s no “allergy” setting for that), you don’t have to be a master chef to make the recipes, and the recipes take very little time to prepare.
That being said, I ended up uninstalling the app after seeing the first meal plan. It had two or three recipes for steak and one for salmon. I’m on a very tight budget (less than $175/month for food) and there’s no way I can afford those ingredients. I would love it if one’s budget could be taken into consideration for generating the meal plans. Entering a location (zip code) and possibly even a preferred store might help with budget accuracy.


I originally thought that too… I’m super cheap and happy to admit it. But I finally bought the pro version realizing it is just $5 of my grocery budget each month. I’m glad I did… I haven’t even used my saved favorites, but love this app and this company!


I am using this app to get me and my family healthier. I think it would be could cool if we could have a family account where say a family of 4 could have there own name under one account and we could vote for dinners and share what where making for dinner with our kids instead of my family huddling over my phone to make decisions. Also it would be awesome if I could share the grocery list through text so say if my wife stops by the store after work i could send her the list we need for her to pick up. But so far I love everything else about the app its really awesome.


Thanks so much for your feedback @Freya. While we may work on a budget type feature in the future, for now you can already approximate this functionality when creating new meal plans.

Though we start you off with a default meal plan that you can’t change, all new meal plans you create can be fully customized according to your tastes and preferences. Meaning, you can swap away expensive looking recipes and choose only the recipes that you want. I’d encourage you to install the app and build yourself a plan - you may find that you get value from it even now!


I like the family interaction this idea would create! Though we don’t have plans to build something like this in the near future, as a short term workaround you may want to use the web version of Mealime on your computer to build meal plans (https://app.mealime.com/login). At least your family could huddle around a larger screen during the meal plan building process!

This makes a lot of sense. If your wife has an iPhone or Android device, you may want to get her to download the app on her phone and log-in using your credentials. This way you’ll both always have a fully up-to-date version of the meal plan and grocery list, and either one of you can head to the grocery store to pick up what you need.

Thanks for your feedback! :thumbsup:


More recipes would make mealime better!! Although there are a lot of recipes if I cook five a week with my preferences I run out of variety quick!


Newbie! Is there a way to add my own meals and recipes to the menu?


I would like to be able to check items off the grocery list without being connected to the internet.

The cooking mode feature is very useful on the iPad, but the grocery list feature would be more user friendly if I could check and then it could sync on next connection to wifi


I’m finding the same problem. Very high calorie count on some recipes


Second, third, fourth, etc. the request for lower calorie meals. I would also like to see meals tagged by season. Salads are great but not all winter long. More soups, casseroles, etc. for fall and winter.


You could always take a screen shot of it or just write it down like i do!


A vegan option to select please! So far I’m using the vegetarian one and modifying or using vegan substitutes but there are many that rely heavily on eggs and cheese.