What would make Mealime better for you? 🚀


I’d like the ability to have the recipes go to Google Home. That way I can work on things hands-free.


More recipes using greens. I love this app but notice a lot of use of peppers, carrots, onions. I would love to see more use of broccoli, kale, Swiss chard, spinach ect…


I will pass your suggestion along to the recipe development team


I know you all are working on breakfast options as well and that is something I would really enjoy! I would also like to possibly see more keto options!!!

I do love the new update with Amazon Fresh and Instacart! Now Amazon Fresh just needs to be in my area haha.


I wish some quantities were defined a little better. “Half bunch of kale” or “small bunch of X”, for instance. I know that info is available for many things through the shopping list, but it would be great if it were listed for allll ingredients.

Also, if a recipe calls for “half of X”, it would be convenient if another recipe that uses the other half could be suggested. I try to do this myself through the search function but it would be even better if it were automatic.

I LOVE Mealime and I have been singing its praises to all my friends!


I believe it would be much simpler to choose the serving size (2 or 4) at the time of recipe selection instead of all at once. That way if you plan to say eat alone one night and another share with Friends or family you can have both on the same grocery list. Every week I find myself wishing for this feature


A Mediterranean meal plan option.


Thanks for the suggestion!!!


I second that! A Mediterranean meal option would be an excellent addition. (I’m a pro user.)


Hi not sure if this has been suggested, but maybe adding a subdivided ingredient list for each part of a recipe. I specifically ran into an issue, albeit minor, while making the Chicken & Bell Pepper Fajitas with Guacamole, and I wanted to use store-bought guac instead of making from scratch (for expedience). I had to manually go through the recipe to figure out which ingredients were for which were part.

Secondly, I was not able to comment on the app version (I had to go to the browser for this comment) because every time I tapped on the text field, the keyboard popped up over the field and was unable to scroll the field above the keyboard. I had to keep hitting ‘back’ to see what I had written, which made correcting anything a nightmare. (Google Pixel 2 XL with Swiftkey)


Thanks for the suggestions! We will look into a fix, so you will be able to comment in the app. Thanks for letting us know.


It’d be really nice to either be able to categorize or search your favorites. My favorites list is getting pretty long since I favorite anything I’ve made that I’d make again.


Ability to add my own items to grocery list. Thanks!


Here is a link on how to add items to your grocery list.https://support.mealime.com/article/76-adding-your-own-items-to-the-grocery-list


I would like to have a page where I can just scroll through all the meals with out having to add them to my meal plan. Sometimes I still have meals on this week’s meal plan, because I’m trying to use up an ingredient like sweet potato. But I’m trying to work on my grocery list for next week and I want to look at next week’s.


One thing that I would like is to be able to switch between 2 serving and 4 serving options within the same week. Sometimes I am cooking for myself, sometimes I use Mealime to prepare meals for friends or my parents when they visit.

Also my favorites disappear when I have to change to the 4 serving option (for example, I am going home for Christmas and will be cooking for my family and none of my favorites show up because they are saved in the 2 serving option).


I’ve recently started meal prepping using the max serving of 4. This app is great for that! However, I have noticed some meals don’t last as long as I would hoped. So maybe a category of meals that are good for meal prep? Also, a majority of these recipes are dinner based. Maybe adding a large lunch and snack based menu. Some nice sandwiches and oat recipes.


The use of the Google Home Smart Displays is a MUST for 2019.
Users can send lots of recipes from a simple google search to the home hub, however mealime recipes to not come up with the same ability. This feature would allow non subscription users to make the recipes on the home hub.

Another option would be the same type of button within the app itself, we can can interact with the recipe from the phone, or by voice.

Thanks for all the good work!


The instructions in the app are too wordy. for someone who doesn’t have any experience cooking, they may be entirely necessary, however, for anyone who has used the app for even two weeks, they become hard to parse quickly. For example:

Have the avocado lengthwise and twist the halves to separate, then remove the pit with a knife or spoon, scoop out and small dice the flesh into quarter inch cubes. Add to the salad bowl.

For most people, the following would convey just as much information while being easier to read quickly:

Add quarter-inch diced avocado to salad bowl.

You could even have an information icon or question mark so that when they click on that it will give them the full text in case they’re not quite sure how to accomplish that. I’m at the point now where I would love to be able to just read through the instructions once before I start the meal, and then not have to look at the app again. It’s hard to keep everything in my mind when I have to read through a bunch of redundant information in order to extract the useful bits out of it.


I would like the ability to transfer my nutritional meal info into other apps such as Fitbit. I like the ability of Apple health, but being able to export to other apps would be wonderful and would more incentive for subscribers