What would make Mealime better for you? 🚀


Hi- Mealime Pro allows you to filter by calories and integrates with Apple Health.

For both versions, if you tap the magnifying glass icon in the upper-right hand corner of the planner when building a meal plan you can search by keywords.


I think healthy breakfast and healthy snack options would be beneficial. Meal prepping is normally an option chosen by people who are constantly on the go. Having the assistance for breakfast and snacks makes life that much easier lol.


Crockpot recipes please! I love your app but I really need some crockpot recipes to have supper ready as soon as I’m home so my family can eat before extra curricular activities. Thanks!!


Hi @JFalkenberg I will pass along your suggestion to the recipe development team.


I love the app—thanks for making it easier for me to select healthy meals and save time on grocery shopping!

I have Mealime Pro, and I like the “filter” feature. But I am interested in finding higher-protein, lower-carb options, and a filter option for macronutrients would be great! (Like grams of protein, carbs, etc.)

Also, many recipes are good, but I would love the ability to save customizations—like ingredient substitutions, or notes. It would be great to see how the substitutions would affect nutrition for a particular meal.

Also, the nutrition information is not viewable until it is in your Meal Plan—there should be a feature to preview the nutrition information when browsing and prior to adding to your Meal Plan.

Keep up the great work! Most of my friends had never heard of Mealime until I told them, and they love it. It could be a great substitute for Blue Apron, Hello Fresh, and Sun Basket, especially if people can send their ingredient list straight to Whole Foods Instacart from the app. Excited for what’s next!


Having vegan be a choice for diet preferences please! No eggs, no meat, no dairy! Thank you


I just saw the integration with Amazon Fresh which I used to use, but now I have subscription for Instacart. If you consider partnership with them, I would love it.


I would like to see a definition for each diet choice. I would also LOVE to have WAPF as a diet choice.


I wish you could add your own recipes. They wouldn’t upload to the database but just stay personal to you. That way one could add in their go-to recipes and be able to select those options too and have the ingredients flow into the shopping list.
Also it’d be great though probably difficult to be able to photograph recipes from your own cookbooks and have those be text-detected and automatically added to your recipes (probably very hard but you can’t blame a girl for dreaming!


I just signed up for the app and the one thing that would make it perfect for me would be the ability to export the grocery shopping list to other apps. I use Wunderlist as my grocery shopping list tool because of how easily it integrates across different devices and accounts.


It would be awesome if calorie counts for recipes were available in other food tracking apps like Fitbit, My Fitness Pal, Samsung Health, etc.


Kid friendly recipes that help hide veggies and look appealing to picky little ones would be amazing!


Please partner with SPUD to import Mealime grocery list and even add the ingredients to my online cart. That would literally change my life. Your app is amazing and really helps me cut down on food waste which is mainly why I use it. The recipes are excellent!


I like that you can now view your meal plans from super long ago as opposed to just last week. But I wish you could go back and favorite the individual meal as sometimes I forget to favorite a meal before creating a new plan or see an old meal that’s I would like to make again.


Please make dairy free an option for people who cant digest it well (causes inflammation in my gut!). Thanks :slight_smile:


I think breakfast and dessert/sweet would be awesome. As far as the sweets go, even something as simple as shakes or smoothies.


Dairy free would be fantastic for me as well! I breastfeed and her pediatrician suggested cutting this out to help with her gas and colic issues.


To view the nutritional information of a recipe before adding it to your meal plan:
-Tap New on the Meal Plan page to open the planner, then tap on a recipe to preview it. Once there, tap Nutrition Facts in the Ingredients tab.

I really like idea the of being able to save customizations, especially substitutions.


We will be adding the toolbar to the history section soon, which will allow for favoriting :grinning:


The ability to add our own recipes to mix in so we can use the grocery list with our own recipes too