What would make Mealime better for you? 🚀


I wouldn’t mind being able to add a custom meal to a meal plan, even if it’s just a text-based manual entry title. All of the loaded recipes are great, but we also have our own digital collection and wouldn’t mind sprinkling some in.


I second this! Especially if I have some of my families recipes, or go to recipes that I could add in. And I could select from all the lists and automatically make a grocery list from them, that would be AWESOME!


Hi! I think it would be fantastic if you can add a tab that says Your Kitchen. It tells you what you have, and suggests recipes from items you have in your kitchen. Also, serving sizes. I eat on the Keto meal plan alone and I only need to eat one serving. Especially since most recipes are high in calories. I have no idea how to split it up and it would be too time consuming for me to go down the grocery list changing everything. Thank you! Love the app! I even brought the Pro! Also, i think the pro version really needs more super cool benefits.


Gotcha! OK, thanks for clarifying for me. It is a good suggestion in any case.


Thanks for the suggestions! Regarding serving sizes, we recommend solo cookers to pack up half of the meal to eat for lunch the next day. Cooking two servings at once leads to a lot less food waste.

I like the “Your Kitchen” idea. I’ve been thinking about this for a while, but having trouble thinking of a good way to make it easy to use. Currently, you can search recipes in the meal plan builder by ingredients to find recipes matching things you have in the kitchen. That gets you part of the way there, but it could certainly be better. How would you want to keep track of what is in your kitchen? Would you manually enter things you have in your fridge and pantry? It just seems like a lot of work to me… But I’m the lazy type…


I would say manually select everything you have in your kitchen and offer recipes that has most of the ingredients. There’s a website that does that as well. I believe its called yourfridgefood or something along those lines. Its a pretty easy setup ,but obviously an app and a website is two different things.
Also, on the cooking mode it would be really helpful if there was a timer and a way to look at all the steps without exiting cooking mode or giving a preview of the next step. That’s more of a convenience issue rather than anything else. I know you can scroll back and forth ,but my hands are wet and atleast on my phone hovering up doesn’t work. Only down. And most of the time i am super lazy!
Thanks for the super cool app!! And being so involved with the users of the app. Its amazing and really great!


I can’t seem to find the iPad app. Is there one? If not, that would be really helpful to use in the kitchen and make reading the recipes much easier than on our phones. Thanks!


Daily Calorie counter


Awesome! Thanks for your thoughts on these points. That’s super helpful.


I’m currently making an iPad-optimized app for Mealime. I’ve been testing it for my own cooking the past week and I can confirm that it is… awesome!


Thanks - can’t wait! :grinning:


If you could make it to where when you share the app you can chose what platform to share it on. For example like Facebook messenger or regular text messaging. I really don’t wanna share it to my wall as not everyone would be interested I only wanna share it to a select few friends which I can personally send it to them so that’s something you could fix.


Personally, I don’t mind a lot of options as long as the user interface is easy to use and not crowded. Maybe a drop down bar at the top that allows you to filter types of cooking methods, meal plans etc.


I would love if it could do the shopping for me! If I could check what I already have and validate the list to send it to a supermarket with home delivery service I would be super happy! :slight_smile:


Pressure cooker recipes since I love using mime and having more in here would be awesome. Same with crock pot recipes as others have mentioned.

For me also Integration with google keep would be awesome. I use it for my shopping lists since it syncs across devices. That way I can just look at one list on one app instead of two.


Me too! I’m working on forming partnerships with grocery stores and delivery services to make this happen. If anyone knows a CEO of a major grocery chain, I’d love an introduction :wink:


Comment: i want to say I LOVE this app! And for some reason my grocery bills are a lot cheaper lol. It would be nice to look up recipes by type (vegetarian today, low carb tomorrow, high protein the next, etc) to meet my work out needs. I tried doing it but it resets my selections.

Awesome app!


Thanks! And thanks for the suggestion, too.


I would like to create meal plan and save the plan as a favorite. Then be able to select that plan for a week instead of picking recipes.


Good suggestion. I could see repeating meal plans being really useful, too! This would go well with a meal plan history feature, so you can see all your previous meal plans and select one to repeat.