What would make Mealime better for you? 🚀


I’d like to use mealime on my tablet while I prepare the meal to follow the instructions. My tablet has a cover that folds up into a landscape mode stand for the tablet. It’s very awkward to use it in portrait mode


One feature i would be really interested in is the ability to adjust serving individually when creating meal plan. With my family of 4, we need 5 diner per week that can feed all 4 of us and give me and my wife lunch for next day but then on the weekends it’s just food for 4 person.


I would also like to modify, I tend to use different things in place of like olive oil and such, and would like to try to make the recipes a little less fat content, for instance. I will be trying the Keto meals next week! I haven’t used your app for a while I must admit, I was using WW and I punched the info in for one of the meals and it came out to 17 points! when I was to use 23 a day haha!


Awesome. Thanks for letting me know. Good to know you are doing this on your tablet, too. We would like to optimize Mealime across the board on tablets, and landscape is definitely a big part of that.


Thanks! This is something we are planning on working on very soon!


That would be nearly impossible. Different regions have different seasons. For example, in Ohio strawberries aren’t in season until June through September. In California the growing season starts months earlier and goes months later. However, due to importing the strawberries across the nation, in Ohio you can get ripe strawberries year round. It wouldn’t be nearly as accurate as you would hope.


Is it possible to enter third party recipes? Would be handy since then their ingredients could be part of the shopping list.


The problem it would solve is to make shopping easy.


I would love it if you would get a month of the premium membership for free if you refer someone to the app.


Showing recipes that are “in season”, and doing it really well will definitely be a challenge. You’re right, the ingredients that are in season are different all over the world. To do this well, we will have to build a seasonality map. Even though this is hard, I think is is doable, and will make Mealime even more awesome!


This is not possible right now, but it is a good idea. I can definitely see that being helpful so that you get everything in your one grocery list.

Could you tell me where you find most of your third party recipes?


Good idea! This is something we would like to support, too. Lots of Mealimers recommend the app, and it would be nice to give something back to them.


For me I just have a couple of recipes that I would be happy to enter by hand from a couple of books I have.

It isn’t a show stopper - being able to add arbitrary items to the shopping list mostly solves the problem.

Really love your app btw - I have subscribed and recommended it to a number of friends. You have done a beautiful job of making meal planning simple and fun.


OK, great to know that you’d be interested in manually entering recipes. It would be nice not to have to enter all of those grocery items every time.

Thanks so much for enjoying the app and sharing it! That’s great to hear.


I mainly eat chicken breast and ground turkey, and I am not seeing enough recipes to keep me using the app. If there is a way to import recipes, that would be helpful. Otherwise keep the recipes coming!! Amazing app!! :slight_smile:


2 things would make this app killer,

1.A function to transfer your shopping list to an online food delivery service allowing the food to be delivered by the many local and national food delivery services to your door. Wa woolworths, and coles etc.

2.An inventory of the ingrediants purchased and left over quantities (eg: meals needs 1l of milk, purchase of 2L = 1L left over) and meal options or suggestions using these left over meal quantities.

Zero waste, zero hassel week of food…


Thanks! How would you envision importing recipes? Is there an online site you use that you would like to be able to import from? Are you interested in writing up your own recipes? Would you want to take a picture of a recipe book and have that automatically added as a recipe? Lots of ways we can make this happen!


I agree, these would be two killer features!


Just want to share my best practice… I look at my local grocery store ad and then build my meal plan based on my seasonal finds.


I guess I didn’t really think my idea throughly. I don’t want to import recipes necessarily, just thought it would be a nice feature for those that people that know how to create recipes. The app is truly a dream come true for me.