What would make Mealime better for you? 🚀


I have to feed a family of 5 and would like left overs for lunch. Can we get a serving for 6 or 8 people.

Plus breakfast meals?


Thanks for the suggestion! It would be great to be able to support families like yours better. That’s something we will look in to doing. It’s challenging because often the instructions are different when you’re making large quantities, so it isn’t as simple as increasing the amounts of each ingredient. Definitely something we’d like to support though.


I would love to be able have meal schedule options so that I can plan for all my daily meals. Breakfast, lunch, dinner and 3 snack. Being I’m a health & fitness nut… and would love to be able to transfer data to my fitness pal or sparkpeople to track all my calories right.


I agree I eat low carb and i am a vegetarian i would love to be able to select both instead or one or the other.


I just got the app and I really love it. Would it be possible to make it so you can have more servings though? I want to recommend this to my mom since she’s so busy with my siblings schedule’s but there are 5 people in the house.


Would love slow cooker options!


Glad to hear you’re loving the app! We’re considering increasing serving sizes, but it’s quite an involved project because it means modifying the instructions of all of our current recipes (having more ingredients changes the times for each instruction, for example). Hopefully, we’ll be better able to serve your Mom’s needs in the future :slight_smile:


Hello, new to Mealime and if this has been posted already I apologize for the retread. I would like to have the quantity for all ingredients listed on the ingredient tab, not just under the directions. It would make it easier to set up mise en place than having to scroll through the various steps under directions.


You need meals for the vegan or vegetarian area that aren’t just vegetables or salads. You could use seiten, portobello mushrooms. Also cauliflower hot wings just to name a few.


@Shwa I’m not sure I understand. The quantities for ingredients are listed in the ingredients tab. The only ones we don’t list are for spices, because we don’t find it helpful to measure these before hand.

@Jenn Thanks for those recipe suggestions! We are always looking to add new and better recipes and its great to hear your preferences.


Get some freezer containers and freeze the leftover servings. I label my frozen lunches with content and the date.


I was a little frustrated already to find there was no vegan option under “diet.” I chose vegetarian, but at least 90% of the food I saw was not vegan. I almost deleted it immediately. Yes, I could take out the cheese in the recipe, but the bottom line is that this is an app that’s supposed to make this easier for me, so if I can’t get that out of it, something’s not quite right.

To add to the dilemma, the option in the email specifically labeled “Email Us” lead me instead to the articles in the “help” option (does this ever work for anyone, or do I just have a super niche problem every time I happen to not be able to contact a real human?). It really shouldn’t say “Email Us” and not lead to an option to email anyone, and to make this even worse, all of the articles I clicked on were wrong about the app they were trying to advise about.

I’m not trying I sound like a raging bitch, and I hope it doesn’t sound that way to anyone. I of course wouldn’t have this problem if I could call anyone, which would be ideal, but I’ll always settle for being able to contact the people working with the thing I’m having a problem with in some other way. (Geez, maybe there should be a “salt-free” option, too, since I seem to have enough of that particular substance on my own.) I just want an app that will work out. I’ve tried another one that had a vegan option, but then ignored it when suggesting food to me. I have faith that this can indeed be fixed.

Thanks to anyone who read all of this novella of a response, and thanks in advance to anyone who’ll reply.


Hi Emily! Sorry you had trouble getting in contact with us. Unfortunately, as a small team with a popular app, we just don’t have the bandwidth to do phone support. We’d be talking 24/7! But we are very active on this forum and happy to help out. Glad you found us here!

We don’t currently offer a Vegan option, because we just don’t have enough Vegan-friendly recipes yet. We create, cook, and photograph all of the recipes ourselves, which takes some time. We’d love to offer a Vegan option for folks like you, and are constantly adding new recipes. For now, I have to agree that it isn’t a good experience for Vegans using the Vegetarian meal plan. Sorry!


Why would the design implementation be tricky? Presumably you’re calculating calorie counts already based on a database of values for each type of food. Or do you just assign each recipe a value per serving and call that good? I think the former approach is the more robust and forward-thinking one.


Any chance of landscape mode?


We do calculate calorie counts based on ingredients, so this part wouldn’t be difficult. By tricky, I just meant that we’re working with small screen sizes, so we’re very careful about adding features. We’ll have to do some research and testing to see what this could look like!


We’ve definitely considered it! Though we don’t have immediate plans for this, it’s definitely on our radar.


This may have been mentioned elsewhere in this chain but I’d love to be able to bookmark recipes that I want to try later. Sometimes I’ll see a recipe that looks good and I want to remember for another week and then I have a quick list to reference of ones I particularly want to try.


This is a good suggestion.

Right now, you can mark recipes as “favorites” even before you cook them, and then when you build your next meal plan and “search” you can choose to see and select your favorites. Does this kind of give you what you want?

We have been thinking about making some kind of “wish list”, as you are suggesting. I’m curious, though, whether the “favorites” strategy above works just as well. It would be really great to hear reasons this isn’t a great solution.


Could you tell me more about where landscape mode would be helpful for you?