What would make Mealime better for you? 🚀


I have to feed a family of 5 and would like left overs for lunch. Can we get a serving for 6 or 8 people.

Plus breakfast meals?


Thanks for the suggestion! It would be great to be able to support families like yours better. That’s something we will look in to doing. It’s challenging because often the instructions are different when you’re making large quantities, so it isn’t as simple as increasing the amounts of each ingredient. Definitely something we’d like to support though.


I would love to be able have meal schedule options so that I can plan for all my daily meals. Breakfast, lunch, dinner and 3 snack. Being I’m a health & fitness nut… and would love to be able to transfer data to my fitness pal or sparkpeople to track all my calories right.


I agree I eat low carb and i am a vegetarian i would love to be able to select both instead or one or the other.


I just got the app and I really love it. Would it be possible to make it so you can have more servings though? I want to recommend this to my mom since she’s so busy with my siblings schedule’s but there are 5 people in the house.


Would love slow cooker options!


Glad to hear you’re loving the app! We’re considering increasing serving sizes, but it’s quite an involved project because it means modifying the instructions of all of our current recipes (having more ingredients changes the times for each instruction, for example). Hopefully, we’ll be better able to serve your Mom’s needs in the future :slight_smile:


Hello, new to Mealime and if this has been posted already I apologize for the retread. I would like to have the quantity for all ingredients listed on the ingredient tab, not just under the directions. It would make it easier to set up mise en place than having to scroll through the various steps under directions.


You need meals for the vegan or vegetarian area that aren’t just vegetables or salads. You could use seiten, portobello mushrooms. Also cauliflower hot wings just to name a few.