What would make Mealime better for you? 🚀


I love mealime for dinner and lunch the next day but I would also like to see some breakfast options so I could maybe have that as well.

A prep ahead feature would be useful to allow me to prep ingredients before Im in the middle of cooking.

A vegan plan option would be awesome. It isn’t a huge hassle to go through the vegetarian meals and boot the meals with eggs, or to get dairy and honey substitutes in others but it would be really neat to not have to do even that much to have it already in place. I would also like more vegan recipes.

Something else that could be SUPER useful is something that could flag when an ingredient may be out of season! I’ve had a few times I went to the store and something was out of season and I had to change my recipe out.


Wow. Lots of great suggestions coming in here! Thanks to everyone for taking the time to share. We read every one of your suggestions and take them to heart. I have been busy working on behind the scenes improvements to keep everything running smooth, but we are looking forward to adding some of these features ASAP.


I would like to see recipes that include produce that is currently in season.


I just downloaded the app and will be a first user. I chose this app over others because of the ease of use and recipe ingredients transferring to the grocery list feature is :+1:

In the future, I hope there can be a way to have a multi-user/collaborative feature. I like to plan meals with my boyfriend and currently live long distance so can only see him during weekends. I’m using this app to motivate us to cook our own meals together as opposed to dining out - too expensive! In the meantime, I’ve just shared my login with him and we’ll see how it goes. My reason for wanting a multi user function is because then if we wanted, we could have our own independent lists for meals we want to cook during the week and ones we want to cook together when we see each other on the weekends. It would be nice if there were a feature to add different lists of meals and categorize them and search through these self made lists. Can’t wait to find out what the app will be able to do for me! :smile:


Please, please, please make a “settings” option (separate from the dietary ones) that filters for extra-fast (e.g., 20-minute) meals!? Mealime is awesome, but when cooking for little kids, simpler/faster is better and the difference between 20 and “30-40” minutes can be… substantial. :slight_smile: I would use the app religiously if I could limit my recipe selection this way. Thank you for a great app!!


Thanks for sharing your thoughts for collaborative use of Mealime! Sharing accounts works great if you are eating all your meals together (my wife and I do this), but not as good if you want to eat only a fraction of your meals together… Definitely something we’ll consider more!


Good idea! That’s not something I had thought of before, but I think it could be pretty valuable. I really love the quick and easy meals too!


Using metric measurements! Is there an option to use kg/g/ml/L instead of the American equivalents?


Just discovered the app yesterday and it’s really an awesome one! I’ve seen that other members already suggested it but I find this really important; so I’m asking again if you could you add the seasonality feature. The recipes would become much cheaper and it would also allow to do groceries in a local little store.
Thanks :wink:


Could you add the garlic in the dislikes please? Some of my family members don’t digest it…


The recipes are always delicious and incredibly easy to follow. But I’d love for there to be a low carb flexitarian option. Low carb helps keep me full, healthy and at a lower weight but I want to cut down on the animal product consumption.


I’m not sure if this has been mentioned yet as I haven’t paged through the whole thread, so apologies for any repetition.

Just discovered this app yesterday while I was planning my grocery shop and so far it’s amazing! While cooking my first meal I came to dividing it for future meals, but was unable to find the serving sizes. I thought it might be included in the nutrition information so I upgraded to Pro, but I see that that isn’t the case.


Yup, we’ve got that! If you tap on Settings > Eating Preferences, you’ll see an option to choose your preferred units.


Thanks for the suggestion! I agree that this would be a helpful option to have. I like low-carb, too, and sometimes toy with the idea of cutting down meat.


Hi Izrili. So glad your enjoying Mealime! The number of servings for each meal is shown until the title. You can change the servings in your preferences under Settings > Eating Preferences. Hope that helps.


Seach by ingredient please


More recipes! The ones you have are great I’m just so picky I have about a week and a half of recipes and I would like to use the app more. (I’m on low carb option)


@Kat1 Thanks for the suggestion! Could you share what you would use this for? It is always helpful for us to understand the use case.

@Nicole482 We’re on it! Maria is working hard on making new recipes this month and adding them to the app.


Hi, i would use search for ingredients i have excess of from a previous grocery run or produce that I have from the garden, to add to the next weeks meal plan.


Great. Thanks for explaining. That makes sense!