What would make Mealime better for you? 🚀


My household is dairy free, yet there is no option for that under allergies. Instead I’m stuck sifting through recipes. I know I’m not alone in wanting this option added in the future!


I just downloaded it today but I can already see three things:

  1. I have more than 4 people in my family, including 3 growing boys. Being able to scale what I need (in addition to having leftovers for lunches and big eaters) would be great. Having separate questions like “How many people in your family?” “Are there big eaters?” “Do you want leftovers for lunches?” Then it could scale it a little better.

  2. I chose my 7 day plan, but then as I went through the grocery list I realized I didn’t want one of the recipes anymore, but I couldn’t change it out. When I selected “new” to attempt to make a new meal plan with the other recipes I had chosen a whole new crop of recipes came up. I’m not complaining about the variety, but I couldn’t get the ones I really wanted to try, and couldn’t get rid of the one I changed my mind on. There needs to be a way to delete a recipe and select something else.

  3. I prefer to plan 2 weeks rather than weekly. Saves me trips to the grocery store and I can bulk shop better if I know what to plan for. Having options to plan more than 1 week would be helpful.


The option to customize portions for each meal would be great. For example, my husband and I chose four portions as our default setting so we can get dinner and lunch out of each recipe, but some recipes don’t work well for lunch (any of the burgers, for example) so we have to cut the recipe in half ourselves or cook it over two nights.
I love this app and how much easier it has made my life. We recently went through some employment changes, though, and found that many of the recipes were rather expensive per portion during our leaner financial times. Being able to search by estimated cost of ingredients, or budget friendly recipes, would be great. Alternatively and perhaps more effectively, if there was some sort of way to search via a checklist of ingredients you already have in your home and get the recipes that would require shopping for the least extra ingredients this would also accomplish that task. For example, the feature would present you with a list of the items in the recipes on mealime, and you could put a check mark by the ones you have. Then it could filter recipes and present you the best matches.


I thought that by signing up for pro I would get more editing options. I would really love to be able to cancel a meal from my current meal plan, or add a meal. Additionally if it could update the grocery list that would be awesome.


Add recipes so we can customize grocery list