What would make Mealime better for you? 🚀


It would be nice to see what you could make with leftover items. If I buy ingredients for a salad, but have leftover items, it would be nice to see different options that I can do the next day. For example, I picked out one of the salad options, and it calls for 1/2 pint of grape tomatoes. What other recipe calls for the other 1/2 pint?


Others have mentioned this as well but I need the ability to enter my own recipes. I want to use mealime primarily as a meal planner and it’s much harder to do this without the ability to add things I cook regularly. Plus mealime’s UI for shopping and cooking are so good, I would love to use it for all of my planning and cooking, not just what is in the mealime database. I would gladly pay for pro to get this feature.

In future you could expand this feature to allow sharing of community recipes. But if you go this route I think you should be able to opt out of sharing any recipe, and recipes should default to private.


Hi, love this app, it has made our meal planning shopping and cooking so much easier, the recipes are amazing and we love trying new things. I’d love it if I could add favourite recipes to the meal plan to make shopping easier, would that be possible? Or is it already and I’m missing how to do it?
Thanks again, really loving this


I really love this app and would love to use it more, but there are meals that I didn’t like or chose on the meal plan and didn’t want to end up doing and there is no way to delete a meal. So it would be amazing if there was an option to delete a meal!! And it would be awesome to have folders to organize your meals for later use. Thank you!


I need to be able to omit recipes with honey from popping up. We have a 7 month old that eats everything we eat and babies under 1 year cannot have honey due to risk of botulism which is deadly so I have to read all of the ingredients on each recipe that looks interesting to make sure it isn’t included.

Also if you could include an “In my Pantry” section where you can enter the ingredients you already have on hand to find recipes that incorporate as many of those ingredients as possible. Or a section where I could enter the items that are on a good sale in my area that week to see if there are any good recipes to use them in.


I’ve been meaning to use this app for a bit & this week, I finally got to!! Many compliments to the creators. My mom loved the 1st meal I made w this app (& so did I :wink:). Some suggestions, which I’m sure others have already stated:

  1. Being able to connect my meals to other apps like MyFitnessPal. At the moment, I either have to do quick add which doesn’t include the nutritional info if you don’t have premium with MFP or adding in the recipe myself, which can be tedious.
  2. Making a better meal plan option. I’m mostly using this to meal prep for both my mom and I. We haven’t been eating healthy due to schedules, so I’m making it a goal to cook once or twice a week, for both lunch and dinner. Allocating certain meals for dinner or lunch would be helpful or making recipes with higher serving sizes for cooking in bulk. I’m under the 4 servings plan w 3 meals a wk. I might up the meals to 4 a wk, but I definitely don’t have the time to cook 6 meals. I found that some of the serving sizes are a little out of whack. The Thai Coconut soup I made actually lasted beyond 4 servings, but it’s not like that for every meal.
  3. Being able to filter a calorie range.



I just started today. Seems like a game changer. I’m really excited about this app. Thank you! Also, I’ve never heard of the app before, nobody recommended it to me. I just found it through my App Store. I’m wondering if you’d be interested in doing a FB live interview to get the word out?


The only thing that is stopping my wife and I from upgrading to Pro is that there is no option to add our own recipes. This would be an awesome addition and I don’t think it would be too hard from a technical standpoint. Like I said, we would upgrade to Pro in a heartbeat if we could add our own recipes to use.


Hi, a kosher option would make this app perfect for me, as well as a collaborative mode for couples with different preferences and dislikes (combined to make meals both will eat). Otherwise, fantastic app! Keep up the good work.


If i could share a grocery list between accounts with my girlfriend that would be nice. Also to add to the dislikes: onion, kiwi, coconut.


I know in the FAQs it stated you were looking to be able to share shopping lists easier. With the rise in popularity of grocery pick up it would be great to see where that could integrate straight into the grocery store shopping cart


I’ve seen in other apps a quick section that helps users know how to cook staple food items. For example how to boil hard boiled eggs or how long to cook specific kinds of meat for. Could be a good add on for beginner cooks. I would also like to be able to add coconut to my dislikes but it isn’t a selection at this time.


Crockpot recipes please!


Send the list to grocery stores for pick or delivery.


i would like to keep recipes in a file to refer back to


Hi! I would love to be able to remove items from a recipe (olives for example) and have the calorie count reflect the new amount. Is that a possibility? Thank you!


I find it strange that the only serving sizes are two and four? What the heck is up with that? What about big families? Why not just let people type in the number of servings they want and allow the ingredient amounts to adjust accordingly? I have a family of two adults and two kids. According to your serving options, the four person choice will serve three or four people, one serving each, I’m guessing. Hope we aren’t hungry for more. :confused:

Also, maybe I missed them but I didn’t see any slow cooker or casserole options! Because of my work schedule, those are essential to my dinner planning these days.


Link this service with Amazon fresh!!


All of their recipes are online for future reference. You could also save the recipe as a favorite and it

  1. When I create my weekly meals, if I don’t do them ALL at once, they turn out being separate weeks, then, I can only see the last two (current and one previous) so I lost all my others and that’s really frustrating! Is there a way to get those back?
  2. Is there a way to sync the meals with MyFitnessPal other than manually inputting everything?
  3. I would love to be overlap at least 2 food preferences, so you could choose multiple types of style or dietary preference. It would also be helpful to see what dietary preference when scrolling through all the meals, maybe having a small picture that matches each type of meal like a low carb would have some bread crossed out or something over the top corner of the picture so you could see it at a glance (not a graphic design person so I’m sure there could be better ideas here lol)
  4. I didn’t see a serving size on my meals, it just shows x calories for 1 serving, but I’m not sure how much a serving is…this may be something I just didn’t look hard enough for.
  5. This is my first week using the app and I love it! I paid for the 1 month trial and I may move to buy the year if there are improvements :slight_smile: