Instant pot recipes?


Has anyone come across any instant pot recipes on Mealime? I would love to put it to use and with all the adding of ingredients at different stages I’m not sure I can do it in the pot.


I believe there is a skillet lasagna recipe available. You have to be a pro member to use it though. I’ve used the skillet lasagna recipe and it was delicious.


I highly recommend the skillet lasagna, I favorited it to make it a once a week meal for those nights I don’t feel like spending all night cooking. I just added a broccoli, chicken, quinoa with cheddar to my plan. Not sure it was designed to be a one pot yet but I’m sure it can be.


I agree, but I think the others misunderstood you. You mean Instant Pot as in an electric pressure cooker, right? I would looove more of those recipes here!