Has support/development of this app been discontinued?


I just started using this app, and I must say, I absolutely love it. But I’m a bit concerned by the activity on here and Mealime’s social media that the app may no longer be in development. Two of the three mods abruptly stopped posting in September (as if something happened in September) and Jeff, the co-founder isn’t exactly active often and has largely stopped responding to the stickied thread. Their social media is completely dead.

While I love this app and am already a subscription user, I don’t get a good feeling about paying a subscription for an app that’s basically dead in the water, if that’s the case.

Are new recipes/features ever coming out? It looks like the suggestion for breakfast/snack options have been requested since October 2016. I wouldn’t want to think Mealime was a cash grab, develop an app and then bust while users are on a subscription. I would hope it would continue to be developed and improved.

Could the developer team let us know the future of Mealime?


I completely agree that the development of new features and interaction with the community seems to have stalled a bit–understandably, since the mealime application is already very solid and (probably) is making a steady income stream.

That being said, what eases my mind a bit (and hopefully eases yours, too!) is that the team is, in fact, releasing new recipes each month, and you can find them announced on their Medium blog. Although I dearly want the team to make improvements such as seasonal recipe filters (what fresh produce is in season) and variable serving sizes (quantity adjustments for serving a large group for one evening), I have been content for the past few months at least by seeing the blog posts and knowing that the team is still active.

I too would love to hear the developers’ update on the future of the app! It has been an incredible blessing in my life.


Just signed up today with Pro. So far no world class service responses to my emails.


Thank you so much for your feedback, and I apologize that we haven’t been active in the community or on social media. The truth is we’re a small team (of 3) and prioritize our energy into developing recipes, experimenting with new features and trying to make the app better, rather than on marketing. We would like to spend more time on social, but it’s been tough.

We hear your feedback, though, and know it’s important to show what we’ve been working on. We’ll try to do better. Thank you again :slight_smile:


I’ve told everyone at my work about Mealime. They have all downloaded it recently and have been telling their friends. We compare what we have planned for the week and drool at our computers. I think it’s awesome that y’all are putting your time and effort into developing new features and recipies. If you build it they will come. This app basically sells itself when you tell people about it. It’s the first app I’ve ever cared enough about to review on the App Store. Thanks for making something awesome!


Thank you so much!!!


After a few days and seeing zip for replies on anything I would have to reassess… and say it looks like the developers have moved on or just have a lack of interest.


Yup! We are still here, and working to make Mealime better. The past few months have been very busy for us because there has been a lot of new users finding Mealime. That’s great, but it has meant that we’ve had less time to be active in the community and on social media. As lead developer, I’ve been busy making behind-the-scenes changes to make sure the service stays fast and reliable for everyone (actually, it is faster and more reliable now).